Tuesday May 26 2015
Buffon walks away from Carrarese

Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is ‘disappointed and saddened’ after giving up ownership of Carrarese.

The Italy captain is from the town of Carrara, and invested in the local club in 2010, before becoming owner in 2012, but has decided to walk away.

“June 30 will by my last day as patron of the Tuscan club,” Buffon announced in a statement.

“Mine was a gesture of love, and it has not been repaid. I am disappointed and saddened. Right now I don’t think the conditions exist for the city to support a team in a major League such as the Lega Pro.

“I’ve found myself alone. Twice in five years I’ve chosen to be part of entrepreneurial enterprises to revive the fortunes of Carrarese.

“The first group disbanded after two years, leaving me alone. The second, despite promises, has never materialised.

“On both occasions I found myself alone and with the responsibility of deciding whether to bankrupt the club, or guarantee its future, through the efforts of my family’s company.

“I’ve always chosen to invest, despite knowing that this would be a choice made because of affection and not business.

“Maybe we should all take a period of reflection, the city, business owners and fans, to see if we’re really interested in a team representing us in the Lega Pro.”