Saturday May 30 2015
Inzaghi: 'Milan are a team now'

Pippo Inzaghi begged Milan for another chance. “We woke up late, but the club can see this team has an identity now.”

He ended the season with two consecutive victories, including tonight’s 3-1 win away to Atalanta, but President Silvio Berlusconi already publicly declared he wants Carlo Ancelotti for next season.

“It’s a shame we woke up a bit late, but this is where we need to begin again from. The club can see that this team plays good football and has an identity now,” SuperPippo told Sky Sport Italia.

“I knew the players would react, we were truly a team in these last four or five games. Now there are strong foundations and with a few new faces Milan will get back to where it was.

“I have a contract. If people believe in me, then we go forward, if not then the club will evaluate the situation.

“I am relaxed and happy, I was pleased to have the whole squad behind me, which is not easy for someone making his Serie A debut as a Coach.

“It is truly emotional to see the response from the people. If you give your all, then you clearly enter into people’s hearts. I like this profession and will continue along my path.”

Inzaghi was adamant that injuries destroyed Milan’s campaign and the squad does not need a radical revamp.

“Now we have many more players available, like Stephan El Shaarawy, while Jack Bonaventura can be played pretty much anywhere.

“I believe Milan must rebuild from these players. I trust the club saw that there is something good here.

“I thanked everyone, the team and my staff who showed themselves to be real men in moments of difficulty.

“I do feel there is an important group of players here, otherwise we would’ve given up and lost all of the final five rounds.

“There’s no point looking back, we know what we did wrong, so now it is time to look forward.

“As a Coach you must always prove that you have an identity and style of football. It’s true we lost our way for a while, but I do feel the team has its own approach.

“In those two or three months we missed a lot of players and often had to adapt certain figures to different positions they were not entirely suited to.”

It was pointed out to Inzaghi that Milan really started playing as a team only after Jeremy Menez was suspended, as the volatile Frenchman can be a hindrance.

“We did very well even with Menez, he scored 16 goals and had an excellent campaign. We are a team, we fight and suffer together, trying to impose our style of football on the opposition. That is what Milan ought to do.

“The club gave me this squad and it is my duty to get the best out of them.”

The statistics are particularly poor for this campaign, as they failed to qualify for Europe again and conceded 50 goals – their worst defensive performance since 1948-49.

Inzaghi was asked where he sees himself in three months.

“My first thought right now is to relax. I hope to stay at Milan, I have a contract, I believe that I have much to give and many people have faith in me.

“If I am told otherwise, then I will go elsewhere.”

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