Monday June 8 2015
Plan Bee?

Just a week after missing out on Carlo Ancelotti, Milan have made some moves that could yet bring a brighter future, writes Sam Lewis.

After three years where it seemed like Milan were almost trying to deliberately stymie success, it is starting to look like the wheels of progress are finally turning.

Since Milan ended their season with a surprisingly upbeat victory over Torino in May, the Rossoneri board have been hot in pursuit of a new direction that would lead them back up the table instead of enviously watching Juventus compete for European silverware.

It began with the chase for Carlo Ancelotti, the former Coach whose presence would have reconfirmed the club’s ambitions both on the pitch and off it – the reported offer that included very specific guarantees in the transfer market would’ve been a huge boost had the ex-Real Madrid manager re-committed to the club.

However, health – and perhaps a fair degree of scepticism – from Ancelotti has led to the Italian taking a year off while recovering from back surgery. The Rossoneri have looked for alternatives and found one rather quickly – agreeing personal terms with former Sampdoria Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic.

The Serbian comes off a successful campaign leading the Blucerchiati to seventh place during a season where they only lost eight times, a number only bettered by champions Juventus and runners-up Roma.

After attempting to hire personable, fan and player friendly rookies in Clarence Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi, the club’s appointment of Mihajlovic is a deliberate move in another direction. The performances during this abject Milan season have reeked of apathy, without a respected veteran culture that previously kept Rossoneri players in check.

The Diavolo can’t bring Gennaro Gattuso, Paolo Maldini and Massimo Ambrosini back onto the training pitch and instil discipline, so their new Coach will do that instead.

A passionate and fiery character, Mihajlovic is a skilled organiser and motivator of teams – a trait that management hopes will rub off on the players. With the mass exodus expected, the former Lazio and Inter defender should find it easier to instil his own identity at the club, as the team has thus far struggled to create its own.

Along with player exits, the prospect of arrivals has been given a monumental boost by the news that Silvio Berlusconi has agreed to sell a stake in the club to an investor. Long time suitor Bee Taechaubol had an offer accepted for €470m to purchase 48%, thus giving the Thai businessman an inroad to begin investing in the side after clearing the club and holding company Fininvest’s financial checks.

Assuming the businessman passes those final negotiation proceedings, he offers the Rossoneri and their fans the potential of numerous exciting possibilities. First and foremost, another pocket to pull funding from aside from Berlusconi’s rapidly tightening purse-strings is a step that could allow Milan to once again begin offering high profile players the chance to play in Italy – ones they would have ignored or sold in recent years.

Taechaubol 's connection with agency company Doyen Sports gives Milan an avenue into players such as Monaco’s Geoffrey Kondogbia and Radamel Falcao, while President Berlusconi’s ambition to bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic back to Milan is already being explored by Adriano Galliani, however unlikely it may be.

Taechaubol and Mihajlovic are not yet officially part of Milan just yet, but in the coming weeks and months may provide hope-starved Milanisti with more than a flash of optimism. Time will tell.

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A new 55.000 stadium ASAP.
on the 12th June, 2015 at 11:45pm
@ Viktor I'm encouraged by the link to Martinez. Why we're linked to Martinez and Ibra I don't know. As usual there's not even a mention of a centre back even after we've conceded 50 goals. New owner same old rubbish.
on the 12th June, 2015 at 11:42am
@ anonymous I assume you're the anonymous poster whose obsessed with Balotelli. Galliani got the market value for Balotelli. Things didn't work out at Liverpool last season. We'll see next season but 16m was the minimum he was worth last summer and if you could look passed your hatred then you would see that. His failure to raise funds from Nocerino, Birsa, Robihno and Saponara are examples of his inability to sell. All facts. No fiction.
on the 12th June, 2015 at 11:39am

Hey, if you say so.
on the 12th June, 2015 at 8:02am
@anonymous ballo transfer was a stroke of genius no doubt.

Milan feels like that mate u have who can't hold onto money, he just came in to some but u know in the not to distant future he'll be back to where he started, broke. Whos picking these transfers miha or gal? And why hasnt spalletti been considered hes won leagues and has alot of euro experience and his roma played good football. Miha has that caustic mourinho approach that just isnt milan for me. priority has to be a stadium.
on the 12th June, 2015 at 7:14am
@maldini heir
I agree with you on Berlusconi and Galliani accept for 1 little bit aimed at galliani; "he can't even sell players" this is a very poor statement from a "fact" man like yourself, Galliani sold a dead weight for £16million and to top it off that 'tremendous' dead weight and become a none exsistant dead weight at Liverpool, business genius from Galliani!
on the 11th June, 2015 at 6:24pm

Martinez is not good enough?? Are you insane. He's pure class. Would be a dream signing.
on the 11th June, 2015 at 4:40pm
Jackson Martinez is the wrong move. He is not good enough for what Milan want to be. He's likely not a top 15 striker in the world.
on the 11th June, 2015 at 4:13pm
DR-Abate,de Sciglio
AM-El Shaarawy,Honda,NIANG,Suso

433 formation.
incoming transfers in capital letters.
the rest can leave.
any injury/ban should be replaced by PRIMAVERA players.
on the 10th June, 2015 at 10:03am
As for Mihajlovic - isn't he ex-Inter? It's difficult to argue with his record but I have a feeling the fans will be less patient with him than they were with Inzaghi. My preference would've been Klopp (an outsider who could've changed the whole approach at Milan). If not him, Montella or Sarri. We'll see how Mihajlovic does but as long as Galliani is still there then we've got much bigger problems. How many changes can we expect this summer? I reckon 10 in/10 out - let the musical chairs begin.
on the 9th June, 2015 at 12:53am
@ eric I agree especially in relation to getting on top of the wage structure but it's not just about money. Money is not going to save us from the incompetence of Galliani. Galliani uses money as an excuse but the reality is he has got nearly ever aspect of his job spectacularly wrong. He has a success rate of about 1/5 for signing players with the majority of his signings being hopelessly ill-conceived and he can't even sell players (instead giving them away for free to rival teams)
on the 9th June, 2015 at 12:46am
You stay classy Berlusconi and Galliani. Announcing a new manager before you'e had the decency to properly deal with the previous manager. Milan are a disgrace.
on the 9th June, 2015 at 12:40am
First off I think montella is the better option. then in terms of squad they need to either build a young project team and stick with them for the next 4-7 years but add a really good experienced player in either att or def someone that's a had a tough season but can lead the squad internal,this will get europa lge for the next 3 years it needs to grow or go for mid age gambles across the board and aim for champs lge but u won't be able to have those 1 or 2 leaders. New stadium!! like juve!!
on the 9th June, 2015 at 12:25am
A DM...go for guys who are still at a good age and have world-class in them, like Lucas Leiva and Lassana Diarra. Forget the stereotypical criticism they get. They have it. Make a move for a younger guy, who is coming off a bad time and has more talent than anyone at the position, from your rival, Yann M'Vila. Luiz Gustavo. Defense: Vertonghen (first), Subotic, Hummels, Musacchio. Push for Marcelo. Maybe Thiago Silva. You need a Captain. A real one. Push for Edinson Cavani up top.
on the 8th June, 2015 at 8:16pm
Very well said by Eric. I don't know that Mihajlovic is the right choice. But he's a real head coach, which neither Seedorf nor Inzaghi are, at the senior level, just yet.

Still have no idea how this club has never gone after Frank Rijkaard. Insanity. Guardiola would be worth another shot at, however improbable. I think Montella is worth talking to, as well. Mihajlovic is too jerky for me. And I don't think he'll give team an identity. Neither will bringing back Zlatan, and probably not Dani.
on the 8th June, 2015 at 8:13pm
Hogwash if milan want a brighter future they should start to seriously examine the wage structure of the club and backup their stadium plans with action. Milan finances need to be sustainable.

the exclusion of the likes of maldini at milan also cause serious concern that the management are unwilling to find a role at the club for this icon.

I also have concerns that b and g will dictate transfer especially after alves ibra rumours. Milan need to stop be so grandiose in their transfer deals
on the 8th June, 2015 at 5:46pm
If this deal does go through it'll be interesting to see if they can actually do anything in the market.

Ibrahimovic would be a waste of money at his age while Kondogbia would be a dream signing, and probably well out of reach at the moment.

They need good, sensible signings now. Not more over-the-hill types like Essien and Torres.
on the 8th June, 2015 at 2:42pm
Hopefully Miha will give the team the much needed character and identity.
on the 8th June, 2015 at 2:08pm

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