Monday June 15 2015
Berardi agent: ‘Juventus or Sassuolo’

Domenico Berardi’s agent says his client will either go to Juventus to play, or remain at Sassuolo, ruling out a loan deal.

The forward has been one of the best young strikers in Serie A over the past two seasons, and is co-owned by the Neroverdi and the Old Lady.

Bianconeri Coach Massimiliano Allegri has praised the young forward, but his representative is not sure whether he’ll be in Turin next season.

“We’ll understand what is going to happen in the coming days, but I’m glad to see that he [Allegri] has such clear ideas about Domenico,” Simone Seghedoni told SportItalia.

“We’re very pleased, but it’s not a done deal, it’s a situation which is still hard to decipher. The key thing is to understand what the right path for Domenico is.

“It’s good to have Juventus and Sassuolo interested in having him play for their respective teams. Now my job is to protect Domenico, trying not to interrupt his process of growth.

“Understand that it’s not simple, because Juventus want the player, but Sassuolo have helped him enormously, and we have to say ‘thank you’ to the Coach [Eusebio] Di Francesco for what he has given him.

“We have to take all these things into account. I think this week will be important to define Domenico’s future.

“Unlike other players I can think of, who seem to me to already be sure of wearing the Juventus shirt, there’s a question mark over Domenico, and [Sassuolo President Giorgio] Squinzi’s statements were indicative of that.

“He said that if Sassuolo lose Berardi they could have some problems, and these statements pleased us. I have to help the lad make the best choice.

“The relationship between Juventus and Sassuolo is very good, so I don’t think it will go to the envelopes [a blind auction], but on June 25, at the end of the co-ownership I think things will be defined.

“It could be resolved before then, but I wouldn’t give a timeframe, and we haven’t been given one.

“A loan if Juventus sign him? That’s the only thing I think I can rule out, I think these two solutions [Juventus or Sassuolo] are the best for Domenico.

“Juventus are the champions of Italy, Sassuolo are the team which always believed in him, where he’s found something really important, in human terms too.

“These are the two options, at the moment I can’t see a third.”

Seghedoni did admit that Berardi would enjoy playing alongside the likes of Paulo Dybala and Carlos Tevez in Turin.

“He’s definitely in good company from that point of view. They’re all great players, and Domenico would be lucky to play with them.

“Could he play trequartista? He’s a winger, who does well in a 4-3-3 which best unlocks his power and potential.

“That said, he has so much technical quality that I don’t think his position is an issue, because Domenico has the ability to play well in any position.

“We’ll see, we hope to make the best choice for him.”