Monday June 29 2015
Pulvirenti: ‘€100k per match’

More details are emerging of Antonino Pulvirenti’s court testimony, with reports he admitted to paying €100,000 to fix matches.

It was revealed earlier today that the Catania President - who has stepped down - admitted he had sought to fix matches, but bizarrely denied having any influence over the five results in question.

ANSA reports that during his testimony, Pulvirenti admitted to paying €100,000 in bribes for each of the matches in question.

However, the patron did point out that he had not bet on any of the outcomes, and was making the payments to save Catania from relegation, rather than for personal gain.

The testimony was revealed to the news agency by lawyer Giovanni Salvi, with Catania facing demotion to the Lega Pro, and Pulvirenti a life ban from