Friday July 10 2015
Kondogbia: 'Why I chose Inter'

Geoffrey Kondogbia reveals why he chose Inter and Serie A, while he looks up to Yaya Toure. “You can’t say no to Roberto Mancini.”

The former Monaco midfielder has chosen to wear shirt number 7 and was presented to the media today after his €40m move.

“I chose Serie A because this is the right moment and the right League for me to improve as a player,” said Kondogbia in a Press conference.

“I felt Inter were closer to me and speaking to Mancini confirmed that feeling. I had no hesitations in making my choice and what was written in the papers was false. I never said yes to Milan.

“It’s normal there are expectations, but so far I have not felt pressure, just a lot of enthusiasm from the fans. We are eager to do well and to win. We’ll have work to do this season.

“I’ve shown what I can do so far, which is why there are such expectations, but I can grow and hope to do well in this squad with so many champions.”

What did Mancini say in the famous phone call?

“Many things! He outlined the project, which is what convinced me. When a Coach like that calls you, it’s impossible to say no.”

Kondogbia has been compared to the likes of Patrick Vieira and Yaya Toure.

“I’ve only been playing at a high level for four years, but we have similar characteristics. The player right now I take most inspiration from is Toure. I have no preferences and could play in any midfield role.

“My strength is power, while my weakness is that I need to work more on defending. I liked boxing when I was young, as I wasn’t too fond of the rules involved in football!

“I chose shirt number 7 because my son and my mother were both born on the seventh.”

Kondogbia has known Paul Pogba for many years and will get the chance to challenge the Juventus midfielder in Serie A.

“I would like to play against Pogba, that would be our first time facing off at this level.”