Monday July 20 2015
Hamsik: ‘Difficult with Benitez’

Napoli midfielder Marek Hamsik repeats criticism of Rafa Benitez, but praises new Coach Maurizio Sarri.

The Slovakian international hit out at the Real Madrid boss on Friday, saying that the Partenopei work harder now he’s left, and repeated his concerns in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

“No two Coaches are alike,” Hamsik explained.

“They all have their own point of view, and can win with that method. With Benitez, we never trained with the ball.

“We’re working more with Sarri, both tactically and physically. So far his approach to preparation reminds me of [Walter] Mazzarri.

“The role of attacking midfielder can be understood in different ways, and with different philosophies. Benitez’s [philosophy] caused me difficulty.

“Was it annoying being substituted? Definitely. It didn’t make me happy always being subbed on 60 minutes.

“It’s bad, you get angry too. But a professional must respect the Coach, even when there are disagreements.”

The Vesuviani captain's leadership qualities have been called into question at times, but the midfielder says he doesn’t have to shout to have an influence.

“Does having character and personality mean you have to scream and shout? Not for me. You can be a leader without raising your voice.

“That’s part of my culture, and the education I received from my parents. For me, having character means giving 100 per cent for the team to try and win. I won’t change.”

Finally, the 27-year-old discussed the aims for this season, and believes the Scudetto is Juventus’ to lose.

“It’s not always easy to win with a new Coach and new players,” Hamsik mused.

“We’ll do our best to achieve our objectives, I can guarantee that. On paper the Scudetto is only a matter for Juventus.”