Saturday July 25 2015
Bacca: 'Milan, I'm your Ronaldo'

Milan's new striker Carlos Bacca compares himself to the Brazilian Ronaldo, whilst discussing competition in Serie A and his own past.

The Colombian will be spearheading the Rossoneri's attack in the upcoming season, and when asked which player he resembles the most, he was not shy of making ambitious comparisons.

“I resemble Ronaldo, the 'brasileiro',” he said. “If Milan paid so much for me, it's evidence that they have faith in me.

“I'm glad they do, although it was very hard for me and for my family to leave Seville.

“Jackson Martinez? We're different, he has a lot of talent and is good at scoring. I am technical, quick. And I score.”

The 28-year-old was then asked about his background, which is sometimes made up to be rather exotic.

“On the internet there is a lot of nonsense about my childhood.

“There are stories that I used to help my dad to sell fish, which is untrue. Some say that my grandfather had changed our surname, which is also untrue.

“But it's true that I got to work to help my family and that I dreamt of becoming a footballer.

“And it's also true that I believe in God and that I pray a lot every day.

“My surname 'El Peluca'? ['The wig'] As a child my head was full of hair. If you said Carlos in my town nobody knew me, but if you asked for El Peluca everybody would point you to me.

“Now you can say the name Carlos Bacca, and, well, they'll know who you're talking about.”

Finally, Bacca was asked about Milan's rivals in Italy.

“Juve and Inter are incredibly strong, but they're not our only rivals.

“The beauty of Serie A is that there are plenty of competitive teams.

“The Juventus Stadium? I hope to experience more glorious nights in Turin, wearing the Milan shirt.

“That's where I won my first Europa League with Sevilla, beating Benfica on penalties.”

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