Saturday July 25 2015
Ibrahimovic: 'I'm a PSG player'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems reluctant to consider a move to Milan as he claims he is 'a Paris-Saint German player' and is 'happy at the club'.

On from the Swede's interview with Yahoo Sports in which he professed love for Major League Soccer, reports are emerging of an interview with ESPN FC in which the 34-year-old seemed to shut down options for a transfer.

"I have a contract for another year, so I'm a PSG player, and I'm happy at the club," he said. "I did great things in these three years and what I did, nobody can take away from me.

“My team is a fantastic team and I play with great players. I live in the best city in Europe, so I'm enjoying it.

"So all about future talks and that, I mean, there will always be talks, and I'm happy for the interest, but I'm a PSG player."

Ibrahimovic said the Parisian club have an especially impressive project, and likened them to Chelsea a few years ago.

"They are investing a lot to become, if not the biggest club, one of the biggest clubs in the world, and if you mention Chelsea, Chelsea was in the same case 10 years ago.

"[Roman] Abramovich bought the club, and he did big investments and now they are where they are.

“But it took time, and this project is going on three-four years, this is the fourth year, for them and worldwide it's getting known, with all due respect for before, what they were -- but big ambitions, big dreams. And they're willing to do whatever it takes, to come into the big stage if they already are not on the big stage."

Finally, Ibrahimovic discussed his own personal career prospects.

"I want to still develop, because I feel when I'm still developing, I want to continue to play.

"The day I don't do it, I mean, it's time to stop, because I will not be the player that plays because of my name, or because of the history I have.

"I want to continue to do my thing and to do it even better, so that's why I train hard and want to bring results.

“That's what it's all about. I bring results; I make people happy, and as long as they're happy, I can stay on the big stage."

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