Monday July 27 2015
Thohir: 'First real Inter season'

Inter President Erick Thohir said “this is the first true season” for him and Coach Roberto Mancini.

“I believe this is the first true season for my team and also for some of the new management,” he told Inter Channel.

“Over the last couple of days we got to know each other, but it is most important that the team believe in the project.

“We have a business plan, a strategy, and we believe with this new management we can get what we want to achieve, which is to be back in the top 10 football teams for revenue in 2019.

“On the sporting side, last year we got the chance to bring Mancini back, as we believe in his track record. Over the summer window we built a strong team to compete for a place in the Champions League.

“Last year some said our defence was not strong enough. Now we have four to six players in central defence, bringing in Miranda and Murillo.

“Kondogbia will be our star of the future, but of course he has to prove it. We believe in the sum we paid for him. Kondogbia will make the difference in our midfield with the help of Guarin, Medel, Brozovic, Kovacic and of course Gnoukouri.

“This is a strong midfield we have built. On the forward side not only have we extended Icardi’s contract, but we still have Palacio and in the next couple of days if Jovetic passes the medical test, he will also reinforce our attack.

“There are another 30-40 days in the transfer market, but at the same time we are only allowed 25 players. This is a chance for the players to show to us and the fans that they have to compete and deliver our target, which is to get back into the Champions League.”

Inter played in China today, losing 3-0 to Real Madrid, but were given a warm welcome by the Asian fans.

“The number of fans in Asia is one of the most we have globally. Around 150 million, especially in China, has grown to an incredible degree over the last two years.

“We are now one of the top five clubs in China. This puts us in a strong position. It is important to build our fans globally, but the Italian fans are the heart and soul of our club. They create emotions throughout the world.

“We are building our social media to connect the players with the fans, fans with other fans, and the management with the fans. With everyone connected, we can all be part of a family.

“Inter have strong fundamentals in Italy, but it is time we become one of the top 10 brands in the world and that means reaching our fans globally.”

Thohir concluded with an appeal to the home fans, who often jeered the Nerazzurri during difficult moments, making their away record stronger than at San Siro.

“We have built a strong team this season. Please support Roberto Mancini. Please support the team. Make San Siro our home. Whether they play good or bad, support them.

“Especially this season we brought in some new players and must give time to our young players to grow. Our team has to feel the supporters at San Siro are the 12th player. Please.”