Wednesday August 5 2015
Hernanes: ‘Inter are growing’

Inter midfielder Hernanes believes the team is growing under Roberto Mancini - ‘this will be our season’.

The Nerazzurri have shown poor form in pre-season, losing all of their friendlies on the tour of China, but the Brazilian international is not concerned.

“I see a growing team,” Hernanes told Mediaset.

“It will be our season, more than it will be mine. The defeats in pre-season are steps along the path, we’re working to improve.

“We’re not battling with the other teams, but to improve ourselves. I want to stay at Inter and do the best for our club.

“I’m convinced that if we go out onto the pitch every Sunday as if it were a battle, then we’ll eventually win the war.”

The former Lazio man was also asked about two of his compatriots, Joao Miranda who has arrived from Atletico Madrid, and Felipe Melo who looks set to join from Galatasaray.

“I played with Miranda at Sao Paolo from 2007 to 2010. We were also roommates. We won together, and I hope we can do it again.

“As for Melo, if he comes in he can be an important reinforcement. I saw that even though I’ve hardly ever played with him and I don’t know him very well, unlike Miranda.”