Thursday August 13 2015
Parma trophies up for auction

The new Parma side face an auction for the old club’s trophies, with prizes including the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia up for sale.

Parma Calcio 1913 have been named as the successor side to the club which went bankrupt last season, and will begin again this term in the amateur Serie D.

The assets from the old club are now being sold at auction, with the Ducali’s video archive, the name ‘Parma FC’ and even the club’s trophies up for bidding.

“The administrators for Parma FC, Angelo Anedda and Alberto Guiotto call for expressions of interest in purchasing the assets of Parma FC,” a statement announced.

“The items, including trophies, sports equipment, the audio-video archive and the trademark ‘Parma FC’ are listed on the bankruptcy inventory on the website

“Declarations of interest must be received by 18.00 on 11 September 2015, and then be accompanied by an irrevocable offer by 12 October 2015, as well as a security deposit of 10 per cent for each lot.”

The website lists three Coppa Italia replica trophies for auction, from the club’s museum, as well as two UEFA Cups, a European Super Cup, the Supercoppa Italiana and the Cup Winner’s Cup.

Auction prices are not listed, as the items were not included in the old club’s budget, given they were awarded as prizes. The document mentions "several other trophies" which are not listed, but can also be the subject of bids.

The new incarnation of Parma are obvious bidders for the items, but outside parties can make a declaration of interest up until September 11.

However, any buyer would need special dispensation from UEFA to own the UEFA cup replicas, as guidelines state: "Replica trophies awarded to winners of the competition [past and current] must remain within the relevant club’s control at all times and may not leave the club’s country without UEFA’s prior written consent."