Saturday August 29 2015
Mihajlovic: 'Milan were terrible!'

Sinisa Mihajlovic was furious with Milan despite a 2-1 win over Empoli. “We didn’t deserve victory. Nothing has changed.”

The Rossoneri opened their season with a 2-0 defeat at Fiorentina, but this evening Carlos Bacca and Luiz Adriano secured the result.

“We did not deserve to win,” slammed the Coach to reporters.

“Nothing has changed from last season. There was too much fear. After Empoli scored there was a total blackout.

“The only reason we won was thanks to the two strikers who got goals out of nowhere.

“The only thing to save about tonight was the result. We did relatively well until we conceded the goal, then we just collapsed.

“The team was too timorous and the only difference from last season was the two strikers who created something out of nothing.

“We above all have to work on our minds. We work well during the week and train properly, then in the game the strikers make the right movements and are never given the ball.

“We have to do something on a psychological level, because we cannot go on like this. We’re strong in attack, but they need service, otherwise they won’t score.

“The only reason they got those two goals was they created them themselves. The midfield didn’t move well, didn’t take risks or take responsibility, always going for simple passes that were never going to break through Empoli.

“Clearly the most important work I have to do is psychologically. I had thought until tonight that we were doing fairly well.

“Milan would’ve lost this game a year ago, but that is only because they didn’t have these strikers. Nothing else has changed.

“I do not understand this fear the team has. I know San Siro is a demanding crowd, but we must show more character. I have to make the players shake off this fear and rediscover the joy of playing football. Something is wrong in their heads.

"I take responsibility, as it is my job to put this grit and determination into the team. Once we shake these ghosts of the past off, the team will do well.

“Throughout pre-season we played Keisuke Honda or Suso in the trequartista role. When Jack Bonaventura and Juraj Kucka came on, they were more physical and I know Jack can take that position.”