Sunday September 6 2015
Gila: 'Aiming for the Azzurri!'

Alberto Gilardino says he signed for Palermo with an eye to regaining the national team: 'Of course that's what I'm thinking about'.

The 33-year-old joined the Rosanero in the summer and will be playing again in the stadium where he had his Azzurri debut in September of 2004.

“When I signed for Palermo it was like having a flash-back, I thought about that,” he said, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The influence of this stadium gave me so much positive energy.

“The national team needs affection. It's always been this way.

“In Palermo supporters are passionate about the game like few others are.”

Gilardino hasn't played in a major international tournament since the South Africa World Cup in 2010, but he is convinced that door hasn't closed yet.

“Palermo can also help me regain the national team. Yes, of course I'm thinking about that.

“One of the reasons I chose Palermo, aside from the faith they showed in me, was to stay in Italy and make sure that [Coach Antonio] Conte is able to consider me.”