Saturday September 12 2015
Hernanes: 'Juve not determined'

Hernanes said Juventus “lacked determination” against Chievo after he played in two different roles on his debut.

“I am not remotely satisfied, as we needed three points today and the table is getting stretched out,” he told Sky Sport Italia of the 1-1 draw.

“We lacked the determination to take the lead, so from Tuesday we must immediately try to pour that grit into the game with Manchester City.

“As we get older and more experienced, players learn that quality isn’t enough. You have to marry it with determination, grit and effort to get the ball first.”

Hernanes started out as a trequartista behind the strikers, then in the second half moved back into the deep-lying playmaker role.

“In the first half, especially at the start, we did well and Chievo left some spaces. Towards the end they clammed up and I had to adapt.

“Claudio Marchisio was not 100 per cent fit, but I did well as a playmaker because I’ve already played in that position before.”