Wednesday September 23 2015
Inter-Milan suspend stadium talks?

Inter and Milan have reportedly suspended talks with the local council over San Siro.

Recent weeks have seen the Rossoneri abandon a plan for a new ground, with local councillors warning that one of the clubs should have their own stadium.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the clubs are irritated by such things being made public, and will not discuss the future of the stadium until after the next local elections in May 2016.

There has been speculation that the city could sell San Siro to the clubs, who currently lease it, but the pair would rather such discussions take place in private.

To that end, the pair will refuse to discuss the issue until after the elections, to avoid it becoming a political point-scoring device.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri will therefore only meet with the city to discuss renovations ahead of the Champions League final in May.