Monday October 5 2015
Zamp: 'Palermo are worst in Serie A'

President Maurizio Zamparini admits Palermo are 'the worst team in Serie A', but confirms 'faith in Coach Giuseppe Iachini'.

The Rosanero have lost four games in a row now, and conceded four goals against Roma only yesterday.

Zamparini, in an interview with Il Giornale di Sicilia, did not try to colour the situation in his favour.

“At this moment we are the worst team in the Serie A championship,” he said. “I'm more worried now than I was a few days ago.

“I'll meet Iachini again this week, we'll see each other soon. The best things arise from these confrontations.

“Iachini runs no risks. I have faith in my Coach. He's not an incompetent, he simply hasn't found the team yet.

“But he is experienced and he will know how to get us out of trouble, even though right now I can't see any team that's worst than we are.”