Monday October 12 2015
Ancelotti: 'Italy in a few years'

Carlo Ancelotti would not accept the Italy bench “yet” and explains why he had “doubts” about the Milan job.

He had been courted by the Rossoneri for a return over the summer, going to several dinners with CEO Adriano Galliani, but eventually opted to take some time off after his Real Madrid sacking.

“During those negotiations, if we can call them that, there were many aspects that left me with doubts. They were purely personal, mind you,” Ancelotti told the Corriere dello Sport newspaper.

“What Galliani told me was absolutely true. He said Milan would invest and buy some excellent players.”

The tactician confirmed he will be ready to work again from January, so could he be open to the Italy bench if Antonio Conte walks away after Euro 2016?

“It’s not an issue of money. The Italy job would only be enticing to me in a few years. I do believe we’ll reach the Final at the 2018 World Cup, though.”

As the Azzurri tend to win a World Cup every 24 years, does that mean he must wait until 2030 to get on the bench?

“In 2030 I’ll be 70 years old. There are people who go senile much earlier!”