Thursday October 15 2015
'Palermo, time to step down'

President Maurizio Zamparini says it's 'time to stop suffering over Palermo' and adds: 'I am looking for a successor.'

The businessman has been in football since 1987, and has done a considerable job of keeping the Rosanero a force in Serie A by his policy of cultivating and selling young champions.

“Next year I'll be 75, I think it's time to stop suffering over football,” he told Sky Sports Italia.

“I'll certainly come to Palermo anyway, but I'll have more time to dedicate to the paradise in which I live.

“Am I good or am I lucky? I'm good. If anything I got lucky in life, as I have a beautiful family. Football is a game and I wouldn't say that's something I'm lucky at.

“I've changed. I have respect for [Coach Beppe] Iachini as a lad and as a man. He was my captain at Venezia and he's a friend too, I try working with him.

“He must stay calm. I think the team will save itself thanks to his work, like it did last year. He's always under pressure, while [sporting director Manuel] Gerolin never is.

“We examined these last few games. I sat down feeling very low, but I stood up with a high morale because I saw that Iachini was determined.

“He pointed out to some failings in this team and he is going to resolve them.”