Monday October 19 2015
Thohir: ‘Discussions over San Siro’

President Erick Thohir reveals Inter are in “serious negotiations" with Milan over the future of San Siro.

The Rossoneri had been planning to move out and build their own stadium in the Portillo area of the city, but that project has fallen through.

The Beneamata were intending to take full control of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza when their neighbours left, meaning everything is now up in the air.

“If we could have our own stadium, it would be great,” Thohir said at a Press conference to announce the club’s financial results.

“But the histories of Milan and Inter are connected. If you look at some clubs in other parts of the world, not just football, there’s sharing of grounds.

“For example, the Staples Center in Los Angeles [home to the LA Lakers and LA Clippers in basketball, as well as the LA Kings in ice hockey, among others].

“We’d like our own stadium, but we have to bear the history of the club in mind, as well as the timing. There have been lots of delays which will have an effect, but the clubs can continue to work together.

“In 2016, Milan will host the Champions League final, Inter, Milan and the city will benefit because there will be extensive renovations.

“But San Siro is a temple of football, and has become one of the best stadiums in the world. It’s important to invest in the stadium, and in recent months we’ve done so.

“We can go on, but we respect the partnership with Milan. We’d like to work with them, but we need a precise direction soon.

“Teams like Juventus and Milan are of great importance around the world, and we as a team have to grow not only in terms of revenue, but in sporting performance, otherwise we won’t be able to compete with the others.

“The overall situation in Serie A will have to improve though. If you compare the revenues of the last-placed team in the Premier League to ours, there’s a huge gap.

“If the League doesn’t improve, there’s no future, there won’t be opportunities if things don’t change.

“Of course we want to make sure we can compete and be the best we can for the fans, but most clubs in Italy are selling clubs.

“We have to get to €250m in revenue, and we can’t lose our big names to other Leagues. Other teams can spend millions and millions and take away the best players.

“I’ve been here two years, and I think it’s important for our teams to work together, our clubs have to compete globally, or they’ll die.

“Even Roma and Napoli are failing to live within their revenues and must make sales. The top five teams are left with massive buying power, whereas in other Leagues there are many teams who can make good purchases.

“Inter must work on this front, but if the rest of Serie A is stunted, it won’t be enough. I worry if the clubs in Serie A aren’t in good condition, we can’t afford another Parma case.

“It’s important that all of us think about introducing an Italian Financial Fair Play to improve. We’re in a good position, but everyone must improve their financial health.

“We’re in serious negotiations with Milan for the stadium, but we expect that Milan will present an optimal solution for both of us. Inter are ready.

“The question is if we go on together or alone. I’d love to do it together. It would be in the interests of the clubs and Serie A, everyone should work together.”