Monday November 2 2015
‘Juventus lacking chemistry’

Massimiliano Allegri admits Juventus have lacked “chemistry” so far, but expects improvements as players come back.

The Bianconeri won the Derby della Mole against Torino at the weekend, but are still 10th in Serie A, nine points behind the leaders.

“I think right now we have to put together a run of results,” Allegri told reporters ahead of the Champions League match against Borussia Monchengladbach.

“We have to get positive results in the League, and look to finish the Champions League group in the best way.

“It’s normal that at first things might seem simple, but it’s not the case. It’s normal that when you change 10 players in a team, at first the team isn’t homogenous, because there’s an old group, and then a new group who have to be integrated.

“So it’s normal that you have to go and find the chemistry between these players. The fact that nearly everyone is available and we’ve been working together for almost two weeks can only bring advantages.

“It’s normal that we’ve suffered a bit when we’ve had difficulties, we haven’t performed well and that’s our responsibility, with a little bit of football quirks, because five times in 10 games we’ve conceded to the first shot on our goal.

“Unfortunately football is not an exact science, and these things can happen, though it’s true that we’ve been together for three months and we have to get consistency in our results.

“Even when you maybe can’t give a beautiful performance from a technical point of view, you have to overcome with your character, as happened in Sunday’s game.”

Gladbach Coach Andre Schubert revealed in his own Press conference that he had devised a way of attempting to stop the Bianconeri, but Allegri believes the game won’t just come down to tactics.

“I wondered why no-one had asked me about my formation, and I said to myself ‘they must already know’.“But no, I haven’t decided yet, I still have a bit of doubt.

“We’ve seen Borussia many times, we know the characteristics of their players. If they change their style of play, we’ll see tomorrow on the pitch.

“I certainly can’t know now, just as they can’t know how Juventus will play tomorrow.

“I believe that regardless of what happens tactically on the pitch, tomorrow is a game where we’ll have to play very well from a technical point of view, and try to limit their strengths, which are strength, speed, use of space and counter-attacks.”

Stephan Lichtsteiner is back in the Juve squad, following a month out after heart surgery, and could even play tomorrow.

“Lichtsteiner is available,” Allegri confirmed.

“He’s been out for a month, then tomorrow he could be on the bench or even play.

“Hernanes? Hernanes could play, but don’t ask me anything else, because I can’t say, and especially because otherwise you could make mistakes when you write up the team for tomorrow, because I still have some doubts.”