Monday November 9 2015
Conte: ‘Individual not important’

Italy CT Antonio Conte says ‘the individual is not important’ and that he wants an Azzurri to ‘make the Italian people proud’.

The former Juventus Coach spoke to the media in a Press conference today ahead of friendly matches against Belgium and Romania.

The new Azzurri kit for Euro 2016 was also launched today and Conte spoke of the importance that it should have to those who wear it

“I was a player and I know what it means to wear the Azzurri shirt and the emotions it conveys,” said Conte.

“It’s unjustifiable not to understand its value.

"Since my first Press conference as Coach I’ve said I wanted a team that would make the Italian people proud.

“I wanted to transmit positive emotions, with a group that felt this shirt was like a second skin.

“At the centre of our project is the game because this is essential for targeting important milestones.

“The individual isn’t important. The other aspect at the centre the project is morality, with attitudes on and off the pitch.

“I said that I would evaluate the desire of those who come here.

“These are words that I’ve already said, the concepts that I’ve already expressed.

“Some people got it right away and others needed time.

“It takes extraordinary values ​​to wear this shirt, not just two or three goals.

“Having said that, Berardi and Insigne are technical choices.

"It’s not right to refer to Insigne’s situation. It is not a subjective matter.

“We think about the positive aspects such as the call-up of De Silvestri, a guy who broke his knee for us and at the first opportunity, we decided to call-up.

“This is what I’m looking for, players that are available in 360 degrees.

“Another example is Verratti who played in Azerbaijan with the risk of getting hurt.

“Others would’ve raised the white flag to avoid missing a club match. When you pass through the gates of Coverciano, only the national team must exist.

Conte also touched on the battle at the top of Serie A and how he sees the season panning out.

“Finding Fiorentina at the top is an important stop for football because it’s proof that when you do things right in every way, the results will eventually come,” he said.

“Although they seem less well-equipped than the usual big teams.

“Then there are Napoli and Roma who are doing well and Juventus and Milan, who are recovering. It’s a league that’s good for the public.”