Monday November 16 2015
Insigne agent: ‘Trust in Conte’

Lorenzo Insigne’s agent trusts in the “professionalism and wisdom” of Italy CT Antonio Conte.

The Napoli playmaker was not called-up for the friendlies with Belgium and Romania, with speculation that he is being punished for withdrawing from the last squad with injury.

“It’s a legitimate question, but for me it’s the effect of the media,” Fabio Andreotti told Radio Crc.

“I trust in the professionalism and wisdom of Conte. I was relieved by Conte’s words when he spoke about attachment to the shirt. We don’t feel that involved us.

“Many newspapers are sending the message that Insigne is disaffected with the Azzurri jersey, but that’s not the case.

“We’ve said several times that Lorenzo’s two objectives are having a great season with Napoli and participating in the European Championships.

“His withdrawal? The player doesn’t decide alone, the decision was made with the medical staff at the national team and his club.

“In fact, he returned to the Napoli squad just two days before the match with Fiorentina.”