Saturday November 21 2015
Mazzarri wants MLS job

Walter Mazzarri is currently in England, but reportedly looking for a MLS job with Toronto FC the favourites.

The former Sampdoria, Napoli and Inter Coach has been out of work for a year since he was fired by the Nerazzurri to make way for Roberto Mancini.

It’s well known he has been living in England with a family near Manchester, aiming to learn the language and widen his professional horizons.

Until now it was believed that this was preparation for a Premier League position, but claim Mazzarri is really heading for North America.

His representative Andrea D’Amico is currently in Toronto and reported to be asking around for clubs who are interested in taking Mazzarri on.

The favourites are Toronto FC, where he’d get to work with fellow Italian Sebastian Giovinco.