Tuesday November 24 2015
Sacchi: ‘Mancini very skilled but…’

Arrigo Sacchi explains his Inter comments, saying Coach Roberto Mancini is “very skilled” but their style is not “pleasant”.

The former Italy CT caused a stir yesterday when he described the Nerazzurri’s style as “ancient”, claiming their approach would only be appreciated in Italy.

“I said that Inter are an example of a style of Italian football being revisited, not ancient,” Sacchi clarified in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Mancini has clear ideas, he’s shown great skill in creating a style of football that is perhaps less pleasant compared to Napoli or Fiorentina, but which has the gift of solidity.

“Roberto has first-class man management and squad management. I hold Mancini in very high esteem, but I think he can do more.

“Do you know he was one of the first players I wanted when I started Coaching? It was in the youth team at Cesena, it was 1980.

“So I know who he is, and what Mancini is. I’ll repeat, without merit and beauty, a win is not worth as much, because merit and beauty are essential for the growth of a team.

“I think Mancini can have them playing much better than they are. Empoli and Sassuolo play cohesive football, Napoli and Fiorentina play in a formidable way.

“Finally, thanks to them, Serie A is proposing different, beautiful styles. Inter play in a concise manner that takes advantage of the strength and qualities of individuals.

“They only think about winning, but football is magic that helps everyone.

“Would Andrea Pirlo help? He’d help, but he wouldn’t solve it, because Mancini has solved a problem, not the problem.

“It’s the harmony, the score of a symphony, the plot of a movie that makes the difference. It’s about the play in football.

“You say Pirlo, I’ll say [Lionel] Messi, because with Barcelona he’s a real phenomenon, whereas with Argentina he just seems like a good player.

“Look at Real Madrid, who have played perhaps the worst football, but have the best individuals in the world. Do you see where I’m going?

“Since you can’t predict the future, and instead you can read history, I’ll say Inter are favourites for the Scudetto, for their history, environment and winning habit.

“Am I wrong, or have the Nerazzurri won more than Roma, Napoli and Fiorentina put together?

“If one of these teams were to win it, it would be a Verona-like anomaly [the Butei won the Scudetto in 1985], but in the present day, and that’s why I say Inter.”

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