Wednesday November 25 2015
Bernardeschi: 'I am Fiore's N.10'

Fiorentina's Federico Bernardeschi explains why he chose the number 10 and reveals his models: Francesco Totti, Roberto Baggio, Giancarlo Antognoni.

The young Viola is an important prospect for the Italian national team and already a consistent starter for his club, in which he made his own decision to wear the number 10 on his back.

“It was a bit of a special choice,” he told La Nazione. “But I've been Viola for many years and I wanted to try wearing that number.

“I want to bear it with honour, without presumption. Having the number 10 on my back is a source of pride.

“I feel many eyes pointed on me, it's a feeling that gives me great incentives. For a young player like me, being appreciated is very important.

“It gives me confidence and pushes me to always give my best for this shirt, on the pitch and in training.”

The 21-year-old was then asked who his football models were.

“There are many, but I always saw [Francesco] Totti as a model to be followed, for his style of play and his charisma.

“Roberto Baggio was also a great player and a great number 10 who left his mark on world football, as was [Giancarlo] Antognoni.

“Regrettably I wasn't able to see the latter play in person. He made the history of Fiorentina and the national team, his name needs no further introduction.”