Tuesday December 1 2015
Galliani: ‘Milan miss Champions League’

Milan’s joint-CEO Adriano Galliani won’t “make predictions” about the Scudetto but “I miss the Champions League”.

The Rossoneri thrashed Sampdoria 4-1 at the weekend to move within eight points of the Serie A summit, but the director is cautious over the chances of fighting for the title.

“I don’t like to make predictions,” Galliani told Radio Sportiva.

“I analyse what’s happened, but I don’t make predictions for the future. We alternate between great games and less great games, I don’t know.

“We hope to gain consistency, if we didn’t have quality then we couldn’t play great games, but one thing I hate is drawing up tables of what will happen. No-one hits the targets.

“We play tonight [in the Coppa Italia], then on Sunday night and so on. For superstitious reasons I’ll say Milan played well against Lazio and Sampdoria, less well against Juventus.

“Let’s see what happens, but what’s certain is we had a very good game against Sampdoria.

“I hope Milan will get back into the Champions League, where we were for many years. What I miss is being in the Champions League as a matter of course.

“We did it 13 years in a row, it was a nice habit and you miss it when you fail.”

Galliani has drawn criticism from fans for the club’s transfer policy over the last few years, but the CEO defended his record.

“The last five years? We’ve seen a Scudetto, there was a second place, a Supercoppa Italiana, in 2012 we were very much in the lead until the end, Juve didn’t dominate.

“In 2013 we had a comeback to finish third, then we qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League and reached the quarter-final once, again getting past the group stage.

“It was all good until the end of 2013, now we’ll see what happens.”