Thursday December 3 2015
Pioli: ‘Referees unfair on Lazio’

Lazio Coach Stefano Pioli calls for "fairness" from referees - “I’m tired of saying that things have gone against us”.

Sporting director Igli Tare declared that last weekend’s defeat to Empoli was “solely down to refereeing errors” and the tactician is also frustrated.

“I want to make this clear,” Pioli began, addressing the media in his Press conference ahead of the Juventus match.

“We want to be accountable for our results. We have the same right as all the other teams to be evaluated in the same way.

“I’m tired of saying after the game that things have gone against us.

“Why have I talked about referees? Because it’s the reality, the team has deserved more points. Against Empoli we’d have at least been at 1-1, and then maybe we’d be here talking about something else.

“I don’t think at Empoli the team started submissively, it’s clear that going behind can make things difficult, but we didn’t deserve to lose.

“We’re suffering from too many refereeing mistakes, I don’t like to talk about it, but I have to.

“It’s right that the results should be conditioned by us, we want to be responsible for them, so we ask for more care.

“We want nothing more, nothing less. I want fairness. I ask professionalism from everyone. What I said before Palermo I’d say now, though our position is not too far from where we were last year.

“Lazio’s goal is to play in Europe again next year, we have time to fix this. Of course, we need results now.”

There has been speculation that Pioli’s job is on the line tomorrow, is this talk about refereeing a sign that the pressure is getting to him?

“The rumours? It’s normal in football, I can’t control everything. I can only try to influence them, by getting the best out of my players, so I can continue my work and get Lazio back to where we should be.”

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