Saturday December 5 2015
Mancini: 'The trouble with Guardiola...'

Roberto Mancini doubts Pep Guardiola’s credentials. “I’d like to see him work at a mid-table side.”

The Inter Coach spoke to Sky Sport Austria and proved himself to be a Guardiola doubter despite titles at Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

“He is doing well and his style of football works for teams like Bayern Munich and Barça, but I’d like to see him work at a mid-table side.

“Regardless of that, Pep has some good ideas and is a very good Coach.”

Mancio also discussed the current situation in Serie A, which is on the way back in Europe.

“In the past ours was the best League in the world with so many foreign players who wanted to come here. That was certainly a wonderful period, then things changed, above all due to the financial crisis in the country.

“Then there’s a problem with the stadiums, as there hasn’t been enough investment. Perhaps it’s necessary to change those at the top, as I’m not convinced the people governing Italian football are the right ones.”