Friday December 11 2015
Mauri and Onazi back for Lazio

Stefano Mauri and Eddy Onazi returned to Lazio training, while Senad Lulic’s finger injury is progressing well.

Chief medic Roberto Bianchini spoke to Lazio Style Radio to give an update on the situation in the treatment room.

“Good news for Stefano Mauri and Eddy Onazi, as today both athletes resumed training with the rest of the group.

“Senad Lulic is continuing his medication and responding positively. There are no signs of the tissue in his finger dying, from tomorrow he should return to the gym in order to train his lower limbs.

“We will evaluate the situation day by day.”

Lulic partially amputated the top of the ring finger on his right hand during a gym accident last week, but it was re-attached in surgery within the hour.

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