Monday December 28 2015
Del Piero: 'Juve still without icon'

Alessandro Del Piero believes Juventus are still 'looking for their symbol', though Paul Pogba 'could get there in due time'.

The 41-year-old called the Bianconeri the Scudetto favourites alongside Inter, and in his extensive interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport he recalled his own rivalry with the Nerazzurri.

“The free-kick that earned us the 2-1 at San Siro [in February 2006] at the last minute remains in the heart of many,” said Del Piero, “for the importance it had in the championship and for the manner in which we reached that success, at the end of the game and in the stadium of our rivals.

“But I remember many contests from those years. Personally I like to recall the confrontations with Ronaldo.

“For me they were exciting and stimulating, as well as important for the results. They were a duel within the duel, a separate chapter in every match.

“I'm very fond of those moments, challenging such a champion gave me a special drive.”

Pinturicchio then discussed the current Juventus team, including the question of who their most iconic player is at the moment.

“I think Juve are still looking for a symbol, at least for the future. As of right now, it's inevitable to mention the old guard. They're fundamental, not least in terms of personality: [Gianluigi] Buffon, [Giorgio] Chiellini, [Claudio] Marchisio, as well as [Leonardo] Bonucci and [Andrea] Barzagli. Right now they're still driving the team forwards.

“Pogba? Paul is a player of great talent. If we think of the number ten as the man who has to astonish with his plays in the game, then Paul is perfect because he knows how to do that and has already done it many times.

“He has the great moves that a protagonist has to possess. Having said that, there are other things that matter in important clubs, because the number ten is much more than an expression of technique.

“It's something more complicated and structured. But Pogba can get there. We just have to give him the time to try.”