Wednesday December 30 2015
'Zaza to leave Juve? We'll see'

Simone Zaza's agent admits he may have trouble playing the Euros in current conditions, but 'can't answer' questions about leaving Juventus.

The 24-year-old is doing relatively well with the Old Lady, but his limited playing time could forfeit his presence at Euro 2016 and many believe he could ask to be loaned out, or even sold, on that account.

“I think these have been very positive months,” the player's agent Christian Maifredi told “He didn't have many minutes of playing time but he handled them well and was ready when called.

“I think he took the impact of a top club, with the pressure from the media and the environment, very positively, especially after having spent two years with Sassuolo at the opposite end of the spectrum.

“The objectives are increasing the number of minutes on the pitch, keeping up the goal ratio, meeting the team objectives and closing with the sweet note of a call-up for the Euros.

“Can he be called up? There's no easy answer to that because [Azzurri Coach Antonio] Conte made it clear he won't call players unless they have continuity on the pitch, and he doesn't have that. I can't give an answer.

"One would hope that what he does is enough and that he scores an equal or higher number of goals in the second half of the championship. Scoring a dozen goals when you have a limited amount of playing time could still mean a call-up.

“This is after all Juventus and they cannot but have strong strikers, midfielders and defenders. We already knew what competition would be like in a top club, whether in Italy or abroad.

“But one shouldn't focus on whether the competitors are doing well or not, only on your own strength and development, and on gaining more minutes by showing brilliance on the pitch and in training.

“Simone just has to keep doing what he's done, being ready when called and scoring. That's what everyone asks of a striker.”

Finally, the agent was asked whether Zaza would stay at Juventus, but the answer was once again elusive.

“It's a hard question and it's obvious that I can't be the one to answer that. So far he did well so we'll see how things go. But I can't answer that, I don't know what could happen.”

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