Sunday January 24 2016
Spalletti: 'I expected more'

Luciano Spalletti said Roma were “not daring enough” in their 1-0 defeat to Juventus. “I expected more tonight.”

Paulo Dybala scored with a late moment of magic on Paul Pogba’s through ball, in a game with few genuine scoring opportunities.

“We had a good game in terms of organisation, because we allowed Juve very little, but the truth is we weren’t daring enough either,” Spalletti told Mediaset Premium.

“We have to do more because otherwise against an opponent like this it becomes difficult to get a breakthrough.

“We could’ve done better to keep the team tight and go on the counter. Obviously when morale is low, your legs don’t go well either.

“We should’ve stopped going so deep and done more with the ball. We need to do a little more in every area, really.

“The psychological aspect becomes fundamental, above all at a club like ours. If things go well, you have the enthusiasm and support of the fans, but if it’s a negative moment then you are brought further down by everything that goes on around us.

“We need to win more duels, have courage to push defenders into the opposition half and recover ground when we lost the ball. On the goal, for example, there was a hole at the back.

“We did some things well, but not enough. We quickly need to raise our game, our determination, our self-confidence, our courage and all these qualities.”

Roma are now 12 points off leaders Napoli, so surely this is the end for Scudetto hopes?

“I do not look at the table and therefore do not think about it. What I want is to rediscover the psychological form to win games. I expected more tonight.

“This was an important match, but we have just started work that will last five months. No result will change the effort and sacrifices we need to put in over the next five months.”

Gervinho is in negotiations for a transfer to Jiangsu Suning, so Spalletti was asked about strategy.

“We want a central defender and one or two players in attack, depending on who leaves. I want players who can take men on, have quality and can create important moves.”

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