Wednesday February 17 2016
Berlusconi ‘building a new Milan cycle’

Silvio Berlusconi says Milan are ‘building a new cycle’ but that winning the Coppa Italia ‘wouldn’t be enough to save the season’.

The Rossoneri President is celebrating his 30th anniversary as owner and gave a lengthy interview to Gazzetta dello Sport today on a number of topics.

“You can’t always win,” he said.

“I arrived at Milan in one of the worst periods of its history. In the five years beforehand, they’d played two in Serie B and finished 14th, sixth and fifth in Serie A in the other seasons respectively.

“Today the fact that Milan are in sixth place is news. It seems strange to the fans, given that in 30 years we’ve finished in the top three places 20 times.

“Across the world the word Milan is synonymous with great successes and I want to repeat that we can count 363 million fans.

“Champions League? Maybe it’s not as distant as everyone thinks. I’ve been busy on many fronts with difficult and even painful commitments, but now I’ve returned to the pitch.

“We don’t work only for today. We’re rebuilding a team for a new cycle, with promising youngsters and many world-class players. I’m sure that we’ll get there.

“Over these years we’ve got to eight Champions League finals, within the next five years we must get to 10.

“Would the Coppa Italia be enough to save the season? It wouldn’t be enough. But to lift the Coppa Italia would be important. Winning is always good, and the Coppa Italia guarantees a place in the Europa League.

“Boateng has come back with great desire to play again and has done well so far.

“Balotelli is recovering from serious health problems. If he can avoid the errors of the past, he could be an asset. I think it’s worth a try.

“Donnarumma is one of many young players from our academy and I hope that he stays with us for another 20 years.”

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