Wednesday February 17 2016
Marchisio: ‘Juventus, keep going’

Claudio Marchisio hails Juventus' “important win” over Napoli, but warns “there’s still only a point between us”.

The Bianconeri went top of Serie A after beating Maurizio Sarri’s side in Turin on Saturday, and the midfielder knows how important the result was.

“It was an important win, not just because it was Napoli, but because of our journey,” Marchisio acknowledged, speaking to Sky.

“Since we started this comeback, every win has been increasingly important because there are less and less games to win the Scudetto.

“We have to continue on this path though, because there’s a long way to go and there are many direct battles ahead, even if we have most of them at home.

“A win like the last one shows what’s become important for us: our balance, character and the group, which after getting to know each other won these victories.

“The fact that we keep going until the end and never give up has always been one of the characteristics of this squad.

“This year we got a lot of new players, who - as I said before - have been growing every month and even the knew players know that we mustn’t give up until the end.

“That’s because the only way to get trophies and real results is to believe until the end.

“A psychological impact? There definitely was in the 48 hours following the match. The euphoria and enthusiasm of the fans was definitely shared by the team.

“It has to stop there though, because on Friday we have an important and difficult match [with Bologna] as will Napoli.

“It’s true that our positions have now been reversed in the standings, but there’s still only a point between us, and that’s really not much because there are so many games to go.

“They have a great squad and are proving to be an excellent team which will fight for the Scudetto until the end.

“They know they’ve just lost a direct clash, but the table is clear and there’s only a point between us.”

The Old Lady face Bologna on Friday, is there a risk of being distracted by the prospect of taking on Bayern Munich on Tuesday?

“There may be a risk of that, but we can’t afford it. We should absolutely be thinking about the League, because as I’ve just said it’s taken a huge effort to go top.

“We especially need to be focused with Bologna, because since joining Coach [Roberto] Donadoni is doing a great job, as he had been doing with Parma in recent years.

“He’s completely changed the way Bologna play, but above all the motivation of each player, where before they weren’t winning games due to a lack of confidence.

“So he’s definitely put his stamp on this good Bologna side, who cause problems for everyone and will make it hard for us.

“We have to be careful.”