Wednesday February 24 2016
‘Milan could keep Balotelli’

Silvio Berlusconi says Milan could “make a financial sacrifice” to sign Mario Balotelli permanently.

The striker returned to the Rossoneri on loan from Liverpool this summer, but has made just two Serie A starts so far as he’s battled with a hernia injury.

“Will we sign him outright? It depends on him,” club President Berlusconi shrugged, speaking to Italia 7 Gold.

“He has extraordinary technical and physical qualities, especially if he can really show maturity in terms of his behaviour in his life and his position on the pitch.

“He drifts out to the wings too much.

“If he were to do these things we’d be very happy to make a financial sacrifice and keep him here with us.”

Berlusconi then discussed the Diavolo’s aims for the season, with lifting the Coppa Italia as the number one target.

“It depends on how much the squad believes. We really want the Coppa Italia, it’d give meaning to our season and allow us to return to Europe.

“The second objective is to finish third. In Naples we saw that the players want to give their all. I think the Milan squad is good enough.

“We’ve had too many injuries this season, but we have quality players like [Jeremy] Menez, Balotelli and [Kevin-Prince] coming back, three champions Milan couldn’t count on until now.”

The former Prime Minister has often talked of his desire for an all-Italian Milan, is that really feasible?

“You have to set ambitious goals which sometimes attract derision from others,” Berlusconi insisted.

“Then you give your all, put all your strength in to achieve them. I’ve always achieved the goals I set in my field.

“Now we have to look at the next few years, so we’re striving to broaden the shareholder base of the club.

“We have the ambition to put-out an all-Italian team in the coming years. We’re looking in all the youth teams to try to identify some young men with secure futures.”