Saturday February 27 2016
Mihajlovic: 'Milan believe in third'

Sinisa Mihajlovic said Milan “believe in third place and the next three games will be decisive” after beating Torino.

The Rossoneri squeezed past Torino 1-0 at San Siro thanks to a Luca Antonelli goal on the stroke of half-time, extending their Serie A positive streak to five wins and four draws.

“We knew this was going to be a very difficult game. At the end we deserved the win, even if we suffered a bit too much,” Miha told Sky Sport Italia.

“What was fundamental this evening was the right attitude, everyone ready to fight hard and work for the result. If we want to climb the standings, we have to continue like this.

“Over the next three rounds we’ll find out if we can really fight for third place or not. I believe and so do the lads.

“We had several chances to finish the game off earlier and knew Torino defenders always wanted to play the ball. The strikers do a lot of dirty work and that tires them out in front of goal, but our forwards are our first defenders and I am happy with them.

“We work in training to make sure every individual knows what they are supposed to be doing when in possession and off the ball.

“It is important we have a team that stays in the game, keeps cool and doesn’t get frightened. This is why the results come.

“We had to watch out for Torino’s counters, so someone always had to stay back from midfield – Juraj Kucka or Andrea Bertolacci – to help. It’s a lot of hard work to chase them down. Bertolacci was always criticised, but had a lot of injuries and will be fundamental.

“We must compliment Adriano Galliani, because we signed Kucka for just €3m. We still have to improve everything. Everything. Today we had more opportunities to finish the game and didn’t take them, that is the main thing we’re missing.”

Players lined up to praise their Coach and today there were reassuring banners in the Curva Sud.

“I want to thank the players and the fans, because the team deserve those banners and I’m pleased the crowd is happy with our performances.

“I was always calm because I knew hard work would pay off. Let’s carry on like this, then at the end of the season we’ll see where we are and draw some conclusions.”