Sunday February 28 2016
Higuain: 'Sarri an honest man'

Gonzalo Higuain admires Napoli Coach Maurizio Sarri’s “hunger for victory and his honesty. I have more faith in myself.”

The striker scored 24 goals in the first 24 Serie A games this season, but has hit a brick wall in recent outings.

“I try to play every game the same way. It doesn’t always go well, but I certainly step on to the field trying to give 100 per cent and helping the team to win,” Pipita told magazine Undici.

“There are many areas where I can try to do more. I am learning how to head the ball better, as that is fundamental for a striker to be complete. Above all, perhaps this season I have more faith in myself.

“The style of football the Coach asks of us is great because it allows the team to have many shots on goal. The more times to reach the opposition box, the more chances you have to score and obviously to win.”

Higuain has not disguised his excellent rapport with Coach Sarri, a world away from the tense situation with Rafa Benitez.

“I appreciate the fact Sarri is an honest man who likes to play beautiful football. I hope he continues like this, because I also admire his hunger for victory.

“I came to Napoli because President Aurelio De Laurentiis made a huge effort to get me. We met, he immediately said yes, I want you, I’m buying you, and I am very grateful.

“Obviously it was a big challenge for me to come and play in Italy, where the football is so difficult. I settled in very well, I’m very happy with the affection shown from the fans and I hope to enjoy all of my time here.”