Sunday March 20 2016
Galliani hints at Miha to Lazio

Adriano Galliani dropped a hint that Sinisa Mihajlovic will leave Milan for the Lazio job next season.

The two sides clash this evening, follow the action as it happens on our LIVEBLOG.

There have been reports that Milan boss Mihajlovic will take over from Stefano Pioli at Lazio next season. When asked if this could cause problems, Galliani’s response suggested it was already more than a rumour.

“Bayern Munich won with Coaches who everyone knew were leaving, so they are all super professionals. In other nations people announce things six months early and nothing happens,” the CEO told Mediaset Premium.

“Before Sassuolo and Verona we had been doing really well. We drew with Napoli and Roma, won against Inter and Fiorentina, but the problem is with the small clubs, not the big games. I hope in that sense we consider Lazio a big fixture.”

Christian Abbiati and Ignazio Abate publicly criticised their teammates for not having the right attitude.

“They did the right thing. They are the historic centre of our locker room and I agree with both what they said and how they said it.

“I don’t know why we are not scoring many goals at the moment. To some degree the forwards are to blame, on the other hand they get very little service, but I don’t want to act as a Coach.

“Up until March 1 we were scoring plenty of goals and doing very well. Riccardo Montolivo’s absence was a heavy blow, as he is our only playmaker. He’s back tonight and I think things will go better.”