Thursday March 24 2016
Berlusconi: ‘Miha stays with Coppa’

Silvio Berlusconi says that ‘if Milan win the Coppa Italia, Sinisa Mihajlovic would deserve to stay on as Coach’.

The Serbian has been heavily linked with a move to Lazio at the end of the season after a disappointing campaign at San Siro.

Reports today said that Sassuolo's Eusebio Di Francesco would become the new Rossoneri boss, but Berlusconi contradicted the speculation today.

“I’ve never given negative judgments about Mihajlovic, it’s the newspapers that have just copied and pasted,” Berlusconi told Tele Radio Stereo.

“I think that if Milan beat Juventus in the Coppa Italia, he would deserve to stay on as Coach.

“I only complained about seeing a Milan I didn’t like and I don’t know how this is to be attributed to the Coach or the club that didn’t know how to sign the right players. It’s not just Mihajlovic’s fault.”

Berlusconi also on the issue of stadiums in Italy, after Milan had to abandon plans to build a new ground earlier this season.

“I think football clubs must have their own stadiums, with various activities that attract fans seven days a week,” he said.

“I think particularly for Roma and Napoli, where I can’t manage to enjoy myself watching the game given the distance between the stand and the pitch. They need a stadium that is purpose-built for football.”