Friday April 1 2016
Lampard: ‘Conte will do well at Chelsea’

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard believes Antonio Conte “has the pedigree” to succeed at Stamford Bridge.

The Italy CT will step down after Euro 2016, and appears all-but certain to move to the English side in the summer.

Lampard played 648 games for Chelsea in over a decade with the Blues, and has been sounding-out one of his current teammates about the potential new manager.

“I don't know him too well but he's got a great pedigree, a great recent record with Juventus,” the New York City FC midfielder told BT Sport.

“I spoke with Andrea Pirlo about him and he has nothing but good words to say about him.

"I think he's hard working, he'll have the players working hard. He has what fans and players like to see - that determination, that will to win.

“It's a difficult job at Chelsea now considering what's happened this year, so we'll see. If it is him, I think he has the pedigree to do it, but the decision has not been made.”