Sunday April 3 2016
Icardi: 'Maxi Lopez is ignorant'

Mauro Icardi added to his feud with Maxi Lopez by calling him “ignorant” after a handshake was refused again.

The pair were friends and teammates at Sampdoria who even went on vacation together, but that all changed when Maxi’s wife Wanda Nara left him to marry Icardi.

This evening it was Inter against Torino at San Siro and before kick-off Maxi Lopez refused to shake Icardi’s hand.

It's the second time this has happened, as it also occurred when Icardi's Inter played Sampdoria last season.

“Unfortunately these things happen, it depends on the ignorance of certain people,” Icardi told Mediaset Premium in the half-time interview.

“I gave my hand, I am polite.”

Wanda and her children – three from Maxi, one by Icardi – are also in the stands at San Siro to cheer on Inter.