Wednesday April 6 2016
Raiola: 'Zlatan retirement a crime!'

Agent Mino Raiola won’t rule out Zlatan Ibrahimovic retiring, but “it’d be a crime against sporting humanity!”

The Paris Saint-Germain striker will be out of contract in June and has several different options for his future, including Milan, Chelsea, Inter, Manchester United and a move to American MLS.

“Zlatan’s sole priority at this moment is to end the season well,” Raiola told RMC Sport in France.

Paris Saint-Germain host Manchester City this evening in the Champions League quarter-final, so could winning the trophy convince him to stay?

“No, the Champions League will not decide his future. If Zlatan doesn’t want to continue playing football for himself, then let him continue for me! If he does retire, it would be like someone stealing the Mona Lisa.

“If he does want to quit, then I’ll lock him up in a prison cell until he changes his mind! It would honestly be like a crime against sporting humanity!

“Zlatan is motivated and all clubs who offer him a contract know that. He doesn’t need to continue for financial reasons, he wants to prove himself at the highest level, just as he has the other years when people thought he was too old.

“I’m not saying the financial aspect is not important at all, but his motivation is not money. If you are the best, you must be paid as the best.”