Sunday April 10 2016
Torino present stadium tomorrow

Torino and their business partners will hold a Press conference tomorrow to present the new Stadio Filadelfia.

The Granata are working on a reconstruction of the historical club stadium, and are close to passing the budget for the works with the Fondazione Filadelfia.

The foundation was set up by the joint efforts of the city and regional prefectures alongside the club, and the stadium should be inaugurated this year.

They will present the result of their efforts tomorrow in a Press conference, as confirmed by Torino with an official statement.

“On Monday, April 11, at 12:00 [GMT] at the Sala dell'Orologio of the Turin prefecture, a Press conference will take place following the approval of the 2015 budget by the Fondazione Stadio Filadelfia, signed by the Piedmont region alongside the Valtellinese credit, for a €3.5m mortgage,” reads the statement.

“Among those who are expected at the event, there are Torino FC President Urbano Cairo, Turin mayor Piero Fassino and all the founding members of the Fondazione Stadio Filadelfia.”