Tuesday April 12 2016
Zamp: 'Ballardini even in B'

Davide Ballardini returns to Palermo, and Maurizio Zamparini claims he won't sack him even if the Rosanero go down.

Walter Novellino was sacked yesterday, after just four games in charge of the Rosanero, the latest in a series of changes.

It was then reported that Ballardini would return, just four months on from his dismissal having spectacularly fallen-out with the squad.

The rift was so bad that his contract was actually terminated, rather than the Coach being placed on gardening leave as is the common practice in Italy.

However, the club's fiery President has now confirmed that the tactician will return.

“I didn't know about [Sinisa] Mihajlovic's sacking,” Zamparini told Sky after the Milan Coach was dismissed.

"Thankfully we'll be discussing that for a week and you can leave me alone...

"We're desperate, and when you're in a desperate situation you have to do everything to save yourselves.

"I spoke to the players today, I told the story of this paradoxical year where I changed [Beppe] Iachini with Ballardini, before a strange thing happened.

"I took an impulsive decision to send Ballardini away, and the tragedy began there.

"We've gone back to Ballardini, today I spoke to the players and told them they had to let go of these stupid things in the dressing room, we have the technical qualities to do well.

"I pointed to the example of Bologna, who got a good result at Roma yesterday, and stood up to the Giallorossi, while we had our pants pulled down.

"I expect Palermo to go to Turin [to face Juventus] to play.

"We had a contract with Ballardini before, he expressed a desire to remain even in Serie B, and that's fine with me.

"In life you have to learn how to win and how to lose, a team shouldn't be lynched for relegation."

Zamparini also admitted that he was sorry to let Novellino go.

"I've always admitted to mistakes in my life, I'm not crazy. I'm a person who also reflects on the decision to sack Novellino.

"I took him in a desperate time, trying to save the situation of a technically superior team compared to Frosinone and Carpi.

"Ballardini and Stefano Sorrentino? It was resolved long ago, I've spoken with them both. It's been forgotten, it was a mistake to make the choice to talk about it on television.

"Novellino came in with a lot of enthusiasm, but it wasn't enough. I love him like a son, it was a painful decision, but right now I have to think about saving Palermo.

"Against Lazio I saw the worst Palermo this season."