Wednesday April 13 2016

Donadoni: ‘I’d be Italy CT again’

Roberto Donadoni discusses the possibility of returning as Italy CT - “I’d do it again”.

Antonio Conte has already announced that he’ll step down after Euro 2016, and the Bologna Coach is one of the favourites to take over.

Having already led the national team from 2006 to 2008, the former midfielder was asked about the Azzurri.

“The experience as CT is one I’d repeat,” Donadoni told Undici.

“I really enjoyed having that kind of responsibility. It was great, even if your left to your own devices a bit.”

However, Donadoni did also make it clear that he is happy in his role with the Rossoblu.

“It’s a beautiful city, with people who have welcomed me in a warm and positive way, and that gives you more responsibility because there’s so much passion.

“We’re working well, but we have to continue to do so.”

Last season Donadoni was in charge of Parma, earning praise for his dignity as the Ducali collapsed into bankruptcy.

“I saw incredible generosity from passionate people,” Donadoni recalled.

“Unfortunately I also saw the opposite. Football is a mirror of society. I was very disappointed by those behind the scenes.

“We felt betrayed.”