Thursday April 14 2016
Milan sue over Galliani claims

Milan have announced that “appropriate action” will be taken after Adriano Galliani was linked to the Panama Papers.

It was alleged by La Repubblica that Galliani will be named in tomorrow’s L’Espresso as one of a number of Italians who have money offshore, as part of the ongoing Mossack Fonseca leaks.

The speculation was that Galliani would be named as part of the Sport Image company, which allegedly has offshore holdings in the British Virgin Islands.

“The article published today in the newspaper La Repubblica, in anticipation of something that will be published tomorrow in the weekly L’Espresso, against Adriano Galliani is blatantly misleading,” the Rossoneri responded in an official statement.

“The aforementioned company, for which Adriano Galliani played the role of director, was held by Fininvest in a totally transparent manner, with duly declared and consolidated financial statements, and was brought into being solely for reasons of operational convenience with foreign entities.

“The company was sold in 1994, there has never been any sort of relief, and everything was closed positively regarding taxation and the regularity of budgets.

“These unfounded allegations, put forward with great emphasis, will therefore be the subject of appropriate action.”

The Press release is signed by lawyers Leandro Cantamessa and Niccolò Ghedini.

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