Wednesday April 20 2016
Mazzone: ‘Angry with Spalletti’

Former Roma Coach Carlo Mazzone is “very angry” with Luciano Spalletti for his treatment of Francesco Totti.

This week has been dominated by the reported rift between the current Giallorossi Coach and the club’s legendary captain.

There were reports of a physical confrontation after the weekend draw with Atalanta, though both men deny it, and one former Lupi boss is unhappy.

“Despite the many kilometres which separate us, I feel very close to Roma,” Mazzone said on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

“I must say though, I don’t like the management of Francesco Totti, there’s something wrong there.

“Those who are called to manage this lad must do it with great affection, I have a feeling that something is not right.

“I won’t beat around the bush, Spalletti may be good on the pitch but I’d tell him that first of all a Coach has to be a good person, with great feelings.

“Does he know that Francesco Totti is in the history of Italian football and Roma? I’m very angry with him for what he’s done in terms of his behaviour toward Totti, a lad I saw grow and someone who has great values.

“Then this thing comes along, and thank God I’m done with football or I’d be running after him to tell him.

“I’m still disappointed, a Coach mustn’t only learn 4-4-2 or pressing, but also how to manage the minds of those who need to be guided.

“First we must understand the man, then the footballer. Other than Scudetti, you have to teach them about life.

“Ultimately, the Coach must be a man with 20-year-old lads who not only advises them on pressing or systems of play, but on life.

“Spalletti must give Totti respect, it’s the least he can do.

“Do I have respect for him? It’s definitely fallen with his behaviour toward Francesco.”