Saturday April 30 2016
Castori: 'Juve have their Scudetto...'

Fabrizio Castori notes “Juventus have won their Scudetto, now we want ours” as Carpi battle for Serie A safety.

It kicks off on Sunday at 11.30 UK time (10.30 GMT) in Turin, click here for a match preview.

There will be a party atmosphere for the Bianconeri, who secured their fifth consecutive title, but for Carpi the race is still in full swing.

“We know that it will be a difficult match tomorrow, but will try to face it in the best possible way. Let’s not forget there are three points up for grabs, the same as any other game,” said the Coach in his Press conference.

“We’ve made steps forward during our journey and we want the final sprint to reach safety. We need the right attitude, spirit of sacrifice and effort.

“Juve are a technically gifted team who are also physically strong and well-structured. It’s only natural we’ll make slight tactical adjustments to challenge their characteristics. The fact they’ve won 24 of the last 25 games is exceptional.

“We must try to earn the support of the fans by swearing for the shirt. Tomorrow I want us to leave the Juventus Stadium with our heads held high. That way we can be winners too.”

Considering Atletico Madrid’s performance against Bayern Munich in this week’s Champions League semi-final, some have said Diego Simeone’s approach is similar to that of Castori at Carpi.

“It is pleasing, but I certainly won’t lose my humility because of that comparison. I am happy above all that the work of Carpi is appreciated and recognised.”

They are in their first ever Serie A season, but next term Crotone will have their debut, having sealed promotion from Serie B.

“Their journey is similar to ours, a team that few expected to go very far and yet managed to win a tough tournament like Serie B.

“I compliment Crotone and am happy that in football these fairy-tales can come true.”

Lorenzo Lollo and Raffaele Bianco are suspended for this trip to Turin.

Carpi squad for Juventus: Belec, Colombi; Sabelli, Letizia, Zaccardo, Gagliolo, Poli, Romagnoli, Suagher, Daprelà; Cofie, Porcari, Franchini, Di Gaudio, De Guzman, Crimi, Pasciuti, Martinho; Verdi, Lasagna, Mancosu, Mbakogu

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