Friday May 6 2016
De Rossi: 'I love New York and Keane'

Roma star Daniele De Rossi hinted “New York could be my destination in future,” but he’s also fascinated by Glasgow, Oasis and Roy Keane.

The midfielder gave a lengthy interview with the official club website outlining his top three favourites in various areas of life.

For someone who has been heavily linked with a transfer to America and their Major League Soccer clubs, he dropped a pretty big hint.

“I might be banal, but New York is the most fascinating city in the world. Someone who lives in Rome struggles to find places more beautiful, but the different culture and the lifestyle of New York is like a magnet for me.

“New York could be my destination in future, somewhere I’d happily like to spend some time. Perhaps it fascinates me precisely because it is so different to Rome.”

De Rossi’s other two choices for favourite city were a little more unexpected.

“I put Glasgow in the top three as representatives of the Celtic culture, which I love. I saw it with the Nazionale, albeit for a brief spell. Between the stadium and the hotel I experienced only a few bits of the city, but it remained in my mind.

“These are places I’d really like to go back to so I can get deeper into them, as they deserve.

“I did visit Istanbul as a tourist and in four days I had all the time to wander round in my own way. It’s fascinating, in every sense. A different culture to ours, great architecture and so much history.”
De Rossi’s love of British and Celtic culture goes deep, as his favourite music is by Oasis, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones.

“I know all the Oasis songs off by heart, as I grew up listening to them. I liked them as people, they were not always conventional or easy to approach, but this was the stereotype they represented – rock stars off their heads – that I really liked.

“There was a lot of talk about me going to Manchester City a few years ago and I never wanted to leave Roma, but the thing that fascinated me about that situation was getting to meet the Gallagher brothers.”

De Rossi also picked Roy Keane and Eric Cantona, former Manchester United legends, as his favourite non-Roma players along with Roberto Baggio.

“Keane is my absolute hero. The 16 on my shirt is, along with the birthday of my daughter Gaia, dedicated to him.

“He is the only person in the world I asked for a photo with, two years ago. I was too embarrassed to ask Diego Maradona, but with Keane I couldn’t resist.”